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Black History

Black History should be remembered throughout the year.  Sarah Breedlove better known as Madam C.J. Walker was a powerful entrepreneur within the African-American community and the most successful female entrepreneur in the country during the ea more »

Don't Touch My Beard

Don't Touch My Beard

By:  George Myrie   Don’t Touch My Beard Often, individuals think beards are unsanitary and filled germs/ bacteria amongst other things like food. This can be true in instances where more »

Beard Growth

Beard Growth

By:  George Myrie What is it about a beard that makes having one the, "in thing to do" or should I say grow? Does it make a man look more masculine/manly? Does it give of the vibe that all men wi more »

What's in a Beard?

What's in a Beard?

BY:  George Myrie I’m not sure when it became this popular to have a beard but I’m all for it. Why? BECAUSE THE LADIES LOVE IT! LOL! I can remember talking to my Mom and she said wome more »

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