Benefits of Using The Shea Butter Collection

Benefits of Using Shea Butter

 Shea Butter has become a trendy ingredient in skincare and hair products to stimulate hair growth and moisturize your natural hair. Luster's Pink Shea Butter Collection of products deliver the best combination of natural ingredients, including certified shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil, argan oil, wheat germ oil, jojoba oil, Pro-Vitamin B5, and Vitamin E.  

Our Pink Shea Butter Collection protects your hair from dryness while promoting healthier hair. Packed with natural ingredients and enriching oils, Our products moisturize and detangle with color-safe protection. It's a gentle and effective sulfate-free cleanser for natural and relaxed hair. 

What is Shea Butter?  

Shea Butter derives from the Shea nuts of the Shea-Karite tree, which grows in West Africa. The nuts are crushed, mixed into butter, and then separated from their natural oils. As a product, it seeps into the very core of your hair shaft to hydrate, moisturize, and smooth your natural hair. Shea Butter contains essential vitamins that helps healthy hair like Vitamin A and E. As a natural product it’s safe to use on all types of hair, like dry, damaged, and even color treated.

Natural Hair Types and Shea Butter – Is It Right for You? 

Type 3  

Type 3 hair is defined as being full of shine and body. The types are 3a, 3b, or 3c.  

  • Type 3a: Your shiny spirals are in an S-shape. You have big curls.  
  • Type 3b: Your ringlets are dense and coarse. They are springy.  
  • Type 3c: Your curls are in a tight corkscrew pattern. They have lots of volumes.  

Type 3 hair can require more maintenance. That's why we offer the best hair care solutions to achieve defined and healthy natural hair. It's not just about taming your hair. It would be best if you controlled the frizz without weighing your hair down. Our Pink Shea Butter Collection helps to manage your curls, while the moisture amplification curl-defined textured styles.  

Type 4  

Type 4 is defined by kinky hair. It’s fragile and prone to breakage. You’ll need to take special care with these hair types: 4a, 4b, or 4c.  

  • Type 4a: Your hair is wiry. It's in an S-pattern.  
  • Type 4b: Your hair is coarse. It may be fine in a Zigzag pattern.  
  • Type 4c: Your hair looks wiry, but it’s not as clearly defined.  

With 4 hair types, your hair is delicate, fine, and can be drier. Our Pink Shea Butter Collection leaves your hair moisturized, lustrous, and soft with its combination of natural emollients and vitamins. Our products revitalize your hair strands for quick wash-n-go solutions that transform your hair without the tacky or greasy overload.  

Determine Your Hair Type(s)  

You probably have a sense of your hair type, and you may even have an understanding of what to do about it to support healthy and vibrant hair. Our Pink® Shea Butter Collection offers the right combination of ingredients to help your unique hair type and style.

  • Texture: Your hair follicle determines whether you have medium, fine, or coarse hair. You can find the right product from our Pink® Shea Butter Collection that will meet your needs based on that information.  
  • Elasticity: With a lack of elasticity, you’ll need to use products in our Shea Butter Collection that strengthen your hair to prevent frizz and breakage.  
  • Porosity: This relates to how moisturized your hair is. Beyond just using products that moisturize your hair, you need to seal your hair follicles for better style maintenance. 
  • Oily Scalp: Even when your hair appears to be greasy, with lots of Sebum (oil), our products cleanse and nourish your hair. So you look suitable for days, with hair that's lightweight instead of weighed down.  

Luster’s goal is to achieve a healthy balance with your natural hair care. We’re passionate about what we do, but we also have the expertise to back it up. We’re dedicated to helping you understand which treatment options will work best to improve your natural hair. 

Shea Butter - Hair Care Solution for Natural Hair 


Luster Products has been around for a long time: more than 60 years. Our mission continues to center around delivering the best high-quality hair care solutions to you and your family. Our natural hair care products are cutting edge and revolutionary, and we've proven the quality of our products over and over to you.  

We started out as a small storefront barbershop, and we remain dedicated to that original vision, even as we've grown into a multi-million-dollar enterprise. Our focus continues to be on delivering a high-quality, balanced, and revolutionary product to our family of customers.  

Innovations in Shea Butter Products 

At Luster Products, we innovated hair care products, and our Shea Butter Collection is no different. We focus on high-quality ingredients as part of our dedication to excellence, as we deliver hair care products that look and feel shiny and lustrous. So, you're empowered to be yourself, with everyday styles that are right for you.  

Daily Hair Regimen - The Power of Shea Butter & What It Can Do for You!  

Your daily hair care regimen has already changed many times, as do the shampoo, detangling, conditioner, and styling solutions that best treat your natural hair. Our Pink® Shea Butter Collection offers a range of solutions that are all designed to target the specific concerns you experience every day. These hair care solutions go to the root of the problem.  

Pink® Shea Butter Sulfate-Free Moisturizing Shampoo not only protects from dryness, but it also promotes healthier hair. It’s a gentle and effective sulfate-free cleanser, with color save protection for natural hair, even if it’s color-treated. Shea Butter Coconut Oil Sulfate Free Shampoo moisturizes and detangles with the power of certified shea butter, argan oil, and sunflower oil. 

Pink Kids Detangling Shampoo has been called a "miracle" shampoo, but that's because sometimes when you find a product that really works for your kids, it sure seems impressive. Pink Kids Gentle Detangling Shampoo is a sulfate-free cleaning solution that effectively takes care of all the build-up while moisturizing with shea butter, argan oil, and sunflower oil. 

Pink Shea Butter Moisturizing & Smoothing Conditioner is uniquely formulated for dry and brittle hair. It makes your hair look and feels smooth and soft while restoring moisture. Shea Butter Coconut Oil Moisturizing Conditioner guards against fading while moisturizing with certified shea butter, argan oil, and sunflower oil. 

Pink Shea Butter Coconut Oil Leave-in Conditioner provides a foundation for hair care styling, with Certified Organic Shea Butter and Coconut Oil plus Castor Oil, Marshmallow Root, Sunflower Oil, Vitamin E, and Pro-Vitamin B5. Our conditioner hydrates your dry and thirsty hair while sealing in the moisture and detangling while it delivers the shine you need. 

Pink Shea Butter Moisturizing Hair Milk penetrates your hair follicle to deliver the softness, hydration, and shine that you're looking for. It keeps your curls and coils looking and feeling great. You get the smooth and frizz-free solutions you need with this super-nourishing product. Shea Butter Coconut Oil Moisturizing Hair Milk delivers the right combination of ingredients that keeps your curls and coils looking good for days!  

Pink Shea Butter Moisture Amplifying Gel Curl Activator offers a great combination of ingredients, including certified organic shea butter, coconut oil, argan oil, olive oil, esters, and panthenol. It works to soften, hydrate, and shine while enhancing curl definition and transforming your dull, brittle hair.  

Pink Shea Butter Coconut Oil Curl-Poppin' Defining Gel includes black castor oil, coconut oil, and certified organic shea butter to deliver the definition and shine in a moisturizing formula that is flake resistant. Shea Butter Coconut Oil Curl Poppin' Defining Gel is the best solution for daily curl refreshing, with flexible hold, non-drying and hardening, and the best shine for curls and coils.  

Why Choose Luster’s Natural Hair Products? 

Our Luster's Pink® Shea Butter Collection is a line of products with the best hair care solutions for women with all hair types. Our haircare is unique because it provides gentle yet effective cleaning, conditioning, detangling, curling, and defining formulations. We feel good about what we offer, and we know you'll love these products too!

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