Best Shampoo for Natural Hair

The Best Shampoo for Natural Hair

Best Shampoo for Natural Hair ‌ ‌

Luster Products has solutions that cater to your natural hair care needs while bringing luminous shine to your hair. Our products deliver cutting-edge results for your all textured hair with organic ingredients, oils, and moisturizers that restore and strengthen your hair. It's the trusted solution that leaves you with curls that are the frizz-free, bouncy, and defined, and healthy natural hair you will love.


Why is Shampoo So Important for Natural Hair Care? 

Our shampoo is most effective to cleanse your scalp, but our products also offer added benefits for your natural hair curls. Since your hair may be curly, kinky, or even frizzy, we’re sure you may face added challenges. Luster's natural hair care products offer more than just cleansing solutions. We provide a comprehensive remedy for your individual hair care needs. It's not by chance that our hair care solutions include the best shampoo for your natural hair.


Here are just a few benefits you'll find with Luster's Hair Care for Natural Hair.


  • Cleans Hair: You may want to address removing build-up or residue from styling products. Luster's natural hair care products cleanse the excess dirt product build up, without stripping hair of essential oils.
  • Treats Dry Scalp: Luster's Products reach the scalp to moisturize and prevent you from an itchy scalp. Products soothe and stimulate the scalp to help promote hair growth.
  • Type 4 means that you have "coily" or kinky hair, it usually has a lot of shrinkage and a thick, fluffy feel. Without the proper care, it is fragile and prone to breakage without care and attention. That also means that you'll need to focus on moisturizing and strengthening your hair with products that repair any damage and support daily styling demand. 


Our products support healthier hair with more softness, shine, and manageability. Better still family friendly, our products are designed for men, women, and children – with exceptional solutions that are formulated to meet your needs depending on your natural hair type, as well as the current health of your hair.


Natural Hair Types

With Type 3 hair, your hair is shiny and full of body, but you also may need to consider the type of curl you have. Our products offer nourishment and manageability support for your hair, depending on whether it falls into the 3a, 3b, or 3c hair type. Determining your hair type is a starting point to finding the right products and styles for your hair.


  •     Type 3a: You have big, shiny spiral curls in an S-shape.
  •     Type 3b: Your curls are springy, but the texture of your spirals may be dense and coarse.
  •     Type 3c: You have hair with lots of volume and corkscrew curls.


Type 3 hair can be challenging. It's taming your curls just enough so that it doesn’t frizz or look weighed down. It’s a delicate balance, one that Luster’s products are uniquely qualified to solve with our proven products.


So, how do you best address your natural hair needs? 


You must find a solution that works for your hair type while considering the additional demands you're putting on your hair.


Type 4 

Type 4 means that you have "coily" or kinky hair, which is fragile and prone to breakage without care and attention. That also means that you'll need to focus on moisturizing and strengthening your hair with products that repair any damage and support daily styling demands.


  •     Type 4a: You have tight and wiry hair that is in an S-pattern.
  •     Type 4b: You may have a combination of coarse and fine hair in a pattern.
  •     Type 4c: Your hair may look like a 4b type, but it's not as clearly defined. Type 4c is associated with delicate strands that range from coarse to super fine.


Type 4 hair tends to mean that your hair is more delicate and drier. So, focus on moisturizing to bring back that elasticity and shine. Your hair type is part of what makes you unique, but we’ve also got the experience to deliver the best shampoo for your hair type.


Determine hair types

You may now have a better sense of where your hair fits into the standard categorization, but you should also look at the other factors determining the treatment options that will best meet your hair care needs.


  • Texture: Your hair is fine, medium, or coarse hair, determined by the diameter of the hair follicle. It's essential to know your hair texture not only to determine the best hair care treatment but also so that you can find hairstyles that work best.
  • Elasticity: Your hair will need strengthening products for low elasticity. Ability to stretch and retract 
  • Porosity: Your hair may need a lot more conditioner if it is porous and thus prone to dryness. Ability to observe moisture


The goal of natural hair care is always to help you to achieve a healthy balance. We've got the background and expertise to help—it's why we're here. We're passionate about helping you understand how best to understand which treatment routine and hair care options work best for your natural hair. We focus on delivering the best shampoo for your natural hair, with the natural ingredients that make sense for your optimal hair care regimen.


Luster Products Hair Care 

As a family-owned and operated business, our focus has always been on providing the best hair care products. That starts with Luster’s shampoos because it’s usually the first step in the hair care product that you’re looking for. We’re dedicated to offering the best shampoo for natural hair with products like our Pink® Kids Gentle Detangling Shampoo and Pink® Shea Butter Coconut Oil Conditioning Shampoo.



Luster's Products has been in business for more than 60 years, which means we're the hair care pros. We've developed the best shampoos as part of our natural hair care line of products. We're uniquely qualified to deliver the moisture, shine, and volume you need, but our name says it all. We're dedicated to providing the best shampoo for your natural hair because we know our products are effective for men, women, and children.



As a leader in the hair-care industry, we are dedicated to developing the best natural hair care products on the market. We continue to demonstrate Luster's dedication to finding and delivering high-quality products to you, but we also stand behind every product. We would never offer you a solution we hadn't already tested and proven to be a solution we love.


Daily Hair Regimen 

We offer the best ‌shampoos for natural hair, with effective products for you and your family. We focus on delivering solutions that help you maintain your healthy hair regimen regardless of your age or hair type. We offer the best shampoo for your natural hair, with products that cater to your hair's daily health and maintenance.


Pink Kids Gentle Detangling Shampoo

It’s a miracle when you can find a safe and effective shampoo that supports daily styling. Pink Kids Gentle Detangling Shampoo is a sulfate-free product designed to cleanse and prevent build-up. The combination of argan oil, shea butter, and sunflower oil delivers our promise of moisture and manageability. It’s our belief that hair time should be fun time, especially for kids. That’s why our detangling products for kids offer just the right combination to support fuss-free daily use. 


Luster’s Pink Conditioning Shampoo

Our Pink Conditioning Shampoo is designed to be extra-gentle as it cleans and moisturizes without stripping your hair. Natural ingredients like Vitamin E and Pro-Vitamin B5 combine to leave your hair bouncy, shiny, and full of volume. This conditioning shampoo is proof that we offer the best shampoo for natural hair, with a clarifying formulation that penetrates into your hair shaft to restore the moisture balance of your hair from the first use. 


Why Choose Luster’s Natural Hair Products? 

Our Luster's Natural Hair Products include the best shampoo for your natural hair. We know you seek daily hair care for all your hair care cleaning and moisturizing needs. Our high-quality ingredients combine with quality testing to deliver on our satisfaction guarantee. Our shampoo products provide the benefits you've come to expect and rely on.


Luster’s Natural Hair Products is the best not only because it works. We also offer a range of hair care products that address your individual needs. Beyond cleaning and moisturizing your hair, our natural hair care shampoos strengthen and protect your hair, which helps prevent tangling, split ends, and that dull or heavy feel.

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