How to Use Hand Sanitizer: Do's & Don'ts

Hand Sanitizer: Do's & Don'ts

Hand sanitizer can be an essential item to have on hand. From home to car and everywhere in between, hand sanitizer can be a shield against germs, bacteria, or viruses. Like any tool, there are dos and don'ts. These are essential tips to ensure you get the most out of the sanitizer. Inversely, you do not want to do things, or that handy bottle of sanitizer could become a detriment. Here are some simple pointers to help you get the most out of this convenient product.

Understanding Hand Sanitizer: 

Does It Have The Right Stuff?

One big "do" of hand sanitizer is to make sure the hand sanitizer is up to the task. More specifically, make sure it has the key components to work correctly. Accordingly, one thing to make sure with any product labeled hand sanitizer is to have enough alcohol. The FDA dictates that a hand sanitizer should have at least ⅗ alcohol makeup. 

The reason alcohol content is such a concern is its impact on germs and bacteria. The chemical composition of alcohol breaks down the cell structure of potentially dangerous organisms. Essentially they kill the germs. Luster’s Hand Sanitizer contains 70 percent alcohol. The result is a potent and effective defense for your skin.

Another Do Of Hand Sanitizer: Application 

Like any other product you use, you have ways to use it to give you the best results. Hand sanitizer is no different. Using it in the recommended way can improve the effectiveness of this product in any situation you come across in your daily routine. First, make sure to apply it thoroughly across both hands. This means both sides of the hand, between the fingers, and of course, the fingers themselves. Remember, one of the most common ways germs are transmitted is from contact with your hands. Germs can quickly transfer as your hands touch your face, clothes, food, and more. That is why thoroughly cleansing the hands is a must-do.

In addition, you want to make sure you give the solution time to work. Make sure you let the sanitizer dry before wiping your hands. This allows the alcohol time to break down and destroy impurities lurking on the skin.

Don't Do This With Hand Sanitizer.

You do not want to use hand sanitizer in the wrong places. Places with low ventilation should be avoided when using sanitizer. It is not healthy to breathe in concentrated vapors from this product. Inhalation, however, is not the only thing you don't need to contend with.

Products with high alcohol content are also flammable. You do not want to use it around any heat source or flame. That being said, make sure your hands are dry after applying before being around any heat source. 

More Don'ts

While you want to have this product available, you do not wish it to everyone. Some variations of this product have pleasant aromas like that of chocolate or fruit. Small children and pets may ingest them, thinking they are food. This will lead to poisoning and can be dangerous. Thus keep these handy but secure and away from these vulnerable groups.

A Big Limitation

Here is another do not related to the limitations of hand sanitizer. If your hands are covered in dirt or material, hand sanitizer will most likely not be enough. In this case, soap and water are your best choice. 

A Final Reminder...

Understand the role hand sanitizer is meant to play in your daily health regimen. It is a convenient portable tool to protect you from germs. A tool you can use when hand washing is impractical. Follow these essential tips, and you will reap the benefits and not the pitfalls.

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