Parent-Approved: 6 Best Back-To-School Hairstyles For Kids

Hairstyles for Kids: Braids, Buns, Haircuts & more!

Are You Prepared for The New School Year?

How many parents are ready for the beginning of school? If some of you aren’t quite there yet, don’t panic –– you’ve got some time left. Once you’re a few weeks before your kids return to school, you’ll get a list (the size of a textbook) of all their needed supplies –– such as pens, pencils, rulers, folders, notebooks, and more.

That said, among the many other things you’re preparing for, what about back-to-school hairstyles? As summer ends, your child needs a good trim and a fresh new style to repair any damage brought on by the sun, saltwater, and chlorine.

You may not have to act too fast on their school supplies, but time is of the essence here when it comes to their hair appointment. If you buy the wrong pencils, that's one thing, but choosing the wrong hairstyle for your 3rd grader the week before school starts –– could be a social disaster!

Now that you know this, where do you start? Well, don’t worry –– I put together 6 of the best back-to-school hairstyles for kids. All parent-approved, trending, and practical for school; oh, and kid-approved too! 

6 Best Back-To-School Hairstyle for Kids

Here are six quick and easy back-to-school hairstyles for kids. We'll start with three for your girls and follow up with three for your boys. 

Twist Out: 

A twist-out is the cutest and most natural hairstyle for girls returning to school. It doesn't get much easier than this kid's hairstyle; it's the exact definition of effortless! 

All you do is divide your daughter's hair into sections while wet –– apply Pink Kids Easy Comb Detangler (run your fingers through her hair to spread the product) and twist those sections. Allow time for her hair to dry before unraveling. 

Once your daughter's hair is dry –– begin separating those sections and spray her hair with Pink Kids Detangler Spray. What you're left with is her beautiful natural wavy hair. I don't know who will be happier, you or your daughter showing off her gorgeous tresses.

Sleek High Bun:

This sleek high bun is one of the best hairstyles for kids going back to school. This iconic bun has claimed fame throughout several cultures. What more could you want for your daughter’s hair –– it’s out of her face, off her neck, she won't mess with it, and she looks ADORABLE. 

*Here’s a fun fact: in Europe, this hairstyle is referred to as a "bunhead." 

Afro Puffs:

Afro puffs have become parents' go-to hairstyle for kids returning to school. To reap the benefits of this easy hairstyle for your girls –– you must practice it to get your timing down. Start by creating a middle part, separate her hair, gather it into two ponytails, and then secure each puff with a hair tie. Once they’re both secure, you can use a comb to puff her hair out and shape it. This classic kids' hairstyle redefines simple and practical, allowing you to have your daughter out the door in 5-10 minutes –– dressed, fed, teeth brushed, and afro puffed to the nines.

Clean Cut Fade:

This clean-cut fade is the easiest hairstyle for kids returning to school, and parents couldn't agree more! Most boys (of any age) are constantly running around, sweating, getting dirty, and/or playing sports –– so it's safe to assume they don't want to spend time on their hair. They need to wash and go, and this hairstyle does just that!

Curly Top Fade:

Of the many hairstyles for kids –– this curly top fade is very fitting for closing out summer and heading back to school. Your son's naturally wavy hair doesn't have to go because school is starting. Of course, you want your son's hair to be simple and practical for school, requiring the least amount of work; but you can also keep some of his natural curls. 

So, rather than choosing "practical" over natural curls –– go with this curly top fade and have the best of both hairstyles! Use Scurl Free Flow Wave Twist & Lock Gel if his curls become too wild for school. This hair gel reduces frizz, keeps his curls shining, and provides lasting hold. Just because it's naturally wavy doesn't mean he has to settle for frizz. 

Braiding His Fade:

There are many fun hairstyles for kids; well, this fade is not only fun –– it has tons of versatility. Is your son bored with his regular fade? If he wants something different and trending to show his friends at school, take him to get braids with his fade. It certainly takes a little more finesse to get boys excited for the new school year. Trying new hairstyles might be the trick –– so consider changing up his braids and fades on the regular!


Advice for Moms & Dads

Now that we’ve gone over these parent-approved hairstyles for kids, here’s some advice to avoid giving them hair anxiety! 

If your child is old enough to talk about their hairstyle, please do so. Discuss their options and allow your kids to voice their thoughts. Remember, it’s their hair, and they are the ones who must walk into school trying to make friends, fit in, and build confidence –– that’s hard enough for adults.

I’m sure you can recount when your parents chose a haircut or style for you without considering your opinion; how’d that make you feel? Please don’t do the same to your son or daughter.

However, if your little one can't hold a conversation, now’s your chance to pick any hairstyle you want –– they can’t disagree yet! Plus, they’ll look adorable either way.  

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