The Best Hairstyle Trends for Men with Natural Hair

Hairstyle Trends for Men with Natural Hair

There is no lack of style choices for men with natural hair. It is your preference over what you  feel comfortable with. Each style for natural hair comes with a unique set of advantages. One  thing to consider for every style to look it’s best will be basic hair care and maintenance is required.  

Hair Care Basics 

The foundation of any style is a clean and healthy scalp, along with clean hair follicles.  Accordingly, the foundation of a healthy scalp and hair follicles is regular cleansing with a  shampoo that cleans, nurtures, and restores the proper balance of your hair. While washing your hair is important, it’s equally as important that you don’t overwash your hair. Washing your hair too much can cause breakage. Ideally, 1-2 times a week is enough. A good choice is a  sulfate-free shampoo that is devoid of Parabens and Phthalates. Luster’s SCurl Free Flow  Charcoal Mint Shampoo cleanses your hair while leaving your hair moisturized. This shampoo  uses charcoal to pull impurities off the scalp and hair naturally, which results in softer, more  manageable hair. 

Once cleansed, you want to turn your focus to a second key objective, moisture. Moisture is  your best defense against hair breakage. A significant reason for the breakage is dry, damaged,  brittle hair devoid of hydration. That being said, Luster’s SCurl Free Flow Leave-In Conditioner is  a great product to include in your hair routine. This foundational product has organic shea butter, coconut oil, and olive oil and should be used often to infuse your hair with protective moisture and nutrients.

Hair Styling 

With the proper foundation, you can choose from several styles. In addition, you can combine  styles, using parts of both short, medium, and long styles to create your own image. 

Short Hair Styles 

Short hairstyles are the ultimate carefree, versatile style. It is traditional and easy to maintain; it is an excellent style if you prefer shorter or conservative and understated. You can even style it more creatively with a hair design, or faded haircuts with a unique shape, V-neckline, or even a curved part. Regardless of the short length, you still want to cleanse the hair periodically. Many men with natural hair do this weekly  or biweekly. Accordingly, basic conditioning is an essential follow-up step to provide moisture to  the hair and scalp. (As we mentioned earlier, Luster’s SCurl Free Flow Charcoal Mint Shampoo, and Luster’s SCurl Free Flow Leave-In Conditioner, are excellent products for the following short style variations . Even in the realm of short styles, you have a lot of options.

High And Tight 

This style is the easiest to obtain and maintain. As you probably guessed, this is short-cropped  hair. Some variations of this are affectionately known as a buzz cut. It can be cut all the way to  the scalp or even an inch off the top. It simply follows the contour of the head. It is a classic and  is the lowest maintenance of any style. You can never go wrong with a classic. But even in the  realm of short hair, many options still help you keep a tight trim look with some unique style  elements. Depending on how the crown is left will determine which Scurl product will best pair  with that style.  


Waves are a great choice if you like short-cropped hair but want to give it some flare. Luster’s  SCurl offers several safe, effective products perfect for wave styles. One product is Luster’s  Natural Wave Pomade. It’s designed to help define your wave pattern by providing moisture and  manageability by way of healthy natural ingredients.  

Fade And Line In 

Moving to the sides of your shorter look, a fade is an excellent addition to this ensemble. You  can add a fade to your short wave style in several ways, which make it unique. One of the  simplest is a high taper fade. You can also add a line on the front or sides or a tricky part. 


A sharp addition to your fade is the addition of a beard. A short well groomed beard in line with  your fade takes your styling options in new directions. The seamless graduated transition from  your fade to facial hair looks professional and is easier to maintain than you might think. Luster’s  SCurl Fine Grooming Products offer the perfect system to nourish and care for your face and  beard hair. Grooming your skin and hair with beard oil helps nourish your beard. SCurls  natural beard balm helps soften your beard while increasing its ability to grow stronger to  prevent breakage.  

Medium Length Styles 

This is where the hero of the hair style is your curl pattern. Styles can range from curly afros,  mohawks, mullets, free form afros, along with nappy or curly tops with faded sides. Scurl has a  wide variety of products to help shape and define your curls. Use the SCurl Instant Oil  Moisturizer for daily refreshing if your hair is dry. If your hair needs additional moisture add the  Scurl Free Flow leave in conditioner to help soften & moisturize your hair. Luster SCurl Free  Flow Instant Moisturizer is a highly effective go-to product to hydrate your hair. In addition, it can  also help with other challenges you might face as your hair grows. First, it can help with  detangling. Second, it is enriched with oils and vitamins to nourish your hair. This can translate  into hair that is noticeably healthier and shinier.

If your curl pattern is tighter than what you would desire, you may loosen your natural curl  patter with Luster’s SCurl Comb Thru Texturizer is the perfect solution. Luster’s SCurl Comb Thru  Texturizer can help reveal your loosening curl pattern in minutes. Luster also offers another  Regular Strength Texturizer Kit. These products are great for conditioning while you texturize.  

As with all styles, some of the best looks come with combinations. There are too many to  mention, but here are a few basic ideas. 

Taking It To The Top

One of the most accessible places to incorporate a medium style is on the top. Combined with  some of the elements of shorter natural styles, such as having waves on the sides and back  while maintaining a curly top for the crown. The key is to grow the top and then define the crown  with the Scurl Curl & Wave Gel Activator.  

Shorter Twists And Braids 

One option is sponge twists or short twists on the top. This can be complemented with a low  taper or box cut fade that cleans up the sides. You can also take the medium-length hair on top  and create braids, cornrows, or dreadlocks. They will be shorter and flow a little over the sides  or back. The SCurl twist & lock gel works perfectly to help style, hold, and main this look.  

Caring For Medium Length Hair 

With a medium hairstyle, you will probably realize that you have  

parts of your head with short hair features and other details with medium features. Naturally, our  cleansing shampoo and leave-in conditioner's basic hair care regimen is an adequate  foundation. This will cover areas with shorter hair. Of course, you now need to contend with the  top that is longer and could require more care. 

Moisturizing Medium Hair 

Now that you have thicker hair on top, you need to make sure you are moisturizing adequately.  Without it, your hair will not have a lush, healthy appearance. Additionally, dry, strained hair can  lead to breakage. Luster’s SCurl offers several products to help you supplement your hair with  moisture. 

Mixing Longer Hair Styles with Shorter Ones 

If long hair is more appealing than short or medium styles, there are many choices for you. For  those that have long hair, here are some more types to add flair to your life. There are always  the classic long styles. These include dreadlocks, twists, and more. One thing you may not have  considered is you can blend longer hairstyles with shorter ones. Very similar to medium styles,  combining the two can allow you several new looks. An excellent example of this fusion is  mixing dreadlock hybrid styles with features of shorter ones. If this appeals to you, here are  some style options to consider. 

Dreadlocks On Top 

A trendy style is to have dreadlocks on top but not on the sides. Combining these two styles can  give you a unique look. The key is to put your dreadlocks up to help expose the sides. From  here, the combinations are endless. By pushing the dreadlocks up, you can then do a fade on  the side. You can also do a square up or add a line in. 

One unusual and unique way to incorporate long dreads with a fade is by putting them into a  mohawk shape and then sporting a high fade. You can also put them into a top knot leaving the  sides and front open. Both give you a different spin on a classic longer hairstyle and allow you  to do more with the sides. Other variations include combing the dreads back or to the side. 

Choosing Your Style 

The combinations are endless. From a foundation of regular and effective hair habits, your style options are limitless. You can combine short, medium, and long hair elements to create looks that are uniquely your own. Regardless of how you style your hair, the most important part is keeping it healthy. Luster’s products will help you maintain hair healthy enough to withstand any style you choose.

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