The History of SCurl - What You Need to Know

The History of SCurl - What You Need to Know

With over five decades of experience, Lusters Products have been formulated and reformulated to meet the specialized needs of natural hair care. Designed to make natural hair care easy and cost-effective, Luster has enriched dozens of natural hair solutions catering to the needs of the entire family. We know that men face unique challenges when it comes to the care of their natural curls, waves, locs, and coils which is why we help them to achieve healthy resilience with every formula. SCurl products by Luster Products specifically cater to men and their natural hair care needs. 

Where SCurl Began - Founding Luster Products, Inc. 

Luster Products were founded in 1957 by Fred Luster Sr, a successful barber who took his shop to the next level when he created hair care products specifically formulated to revive natural hair. After using and selling his products in his barbershop, the demand increased as the word spread of his product’s effectiveness. Luster began selling his products to other stylists and barbers and was able to build his start-up company into a multi-million dollar enterprise. 

 “That’s where it all started for them. Let me tell you when I was a kid, I couldn’t wait to get to the barbershop. He had me doing odd jobs and things as a very, very young person; he had values and taught you how to work. But it was just fascinating. You got to remember, during the late '50s, early '60s in Chicago, it was just a wonderful time for us here.” Jory Luster President of Luster Products Inc. For

With the support of his friends, family, and supporters, along with his savvy business mindset, Luster was able to take his modest barbershop and storefront operation to an ever-growing, international business.

What Makes the History of SCurl Such an Important Part of Luster’s Products? 

SCurl takes the guesswork out of your natural hair routine. For decades we have provided an effective but simple solution for men who believe in the power of haircare and grooming for their natural hair and beards. As a reliable name in the haircare market, we have consistently provided highly efficacious hair solutions to curly, kinky, wavy, coiled, and loc’d natural hair. 

From years of research and always testing our products on ourselves and our families long before they hit the market, we’ve proven that our products address men’s specific natural hair needs. From scalp care to styling, we consistently provide effective solutions to the complexities of men’s natural hair. Luster Products stand out for all of the right reasons.

What Makes Luster Products & SCurl Stand Out? 

With over 65 years in business, we remain Black-owned and family-owned, and operated. 

As an important part of our community culture, we show our thanks to the communities that have supported us for decades by giving back both domestically and internationally which has become an integral part of our company culture and values. 

We take quality, consistency, and proven efficacy to the next level with our comprehensive Research and Development process. We develop and manufacture all of our proven formulations in-house. We also use our products ourselves and test them extensively before releasing our hair care products to the marketplace via our in-house test salon. 

What started as humble beginnings in a small barbershop in Chicago, turned into a facility in Blue Island, Illinois with products sold in more than 70 countries, along with an office in London that supports all of our international business.

Next Step: See for Yourself Why SCurl Is a Trusted Brand

SCurl hair care products provide powerful solutions from the most common to complex natural hair care challenges. Our highly effective products work to keep your scalp healthy, prevent breakage, add moisture, and reduce the look of frizz and flyaways while optimizing daily styling. 

Backed by nearly seven decades of consistent research and development, our highly effective hair solutions are consistently evolving to meet the needs of our consumers who we’ve grown to know as family. Luster SCurl products for men are more than just hair lotions, sprays, and gels – they are synergistic solutions focused on meeting the needs of everyday men with all textures and types of natural hair. We put years of education, consistent research, and the care that you can only receive from family, into every carefully crafted product for grooming, lifestyle, and natural hair. 

We will continue to listen to your needs as we continue to offer the best, most reliable, and affordable products for natural hair. We welcome you to shop our effective hair solutions on our Luster Products website as well as at your favorite stores including Walmart, Target, Sally Beauty, Walgreens, and online shopping platforms. 

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