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Beard Growth

Beard Growth

By:  George Myrie

What is it about a beard that makes having one the, "in thing to do" or should I say grow? Does it make a man look more masculine/manly? Does it give of the vibe that all men with beards are like Paul Bunyan replicas who can chop down trees and build you a house? Can facial hair make a person look and feel like a protector even if they really aren't? So for the inquiring minds that want to know some fun beard facts that relates to these questions here you go...


During the reign of Peter the Great, bearded men had to have a license which was acquired after taxes were paid for having a beard. Peter the Great encouraged men to be clean-shaven and those who weren't, he taxed them 100 rubles a year. I think he was hating the fact that he probably couldn't grow an insane beard himself. #Early Hater


A man's beard was seen as a sign of virility and honor. Therefore, touching a man's beard in the Middle Ages, would result in a duel. I guess it was viewed as disrespect even more then, than it does now. Because, at one point, not having a beard was shameful, and was reserved for punishments. A stark contrast to Mr. Peter huh?


In the eyes of many, beards were a sign of wisdom. If you take a look at Socrates, Hadrian, Marcus Aurelius and even Shakespeare, these philosophers can all be seen with hefty beards. One was even quoted as saying, "Lose your beard and you lose your soul." Now tell me that's not deep?


If you're having trouble breathing at times (like I do), then grow a beard. The hairs capture particles that can trigger a reactions in your body. Allergy sufferers should grow their beards because a beard in conjunction with nose hairs, is like having your very own hepa filter growing out of your face. LOL!


A beard may not be that easy to grow for everyone because the rate at which a beard grows depends on the person’s genetics, as well as their production of the hormone testosterone. Beards do tend to grow faster in the daytime versus at night. I guess hairs are like plants huh? It actually grows faster when a man does not have sex. So to all the beardless men of the world that wants to grow one, then abstain from sex during the day and should be well on your way. Ha Ha Ha! Don't quote me on that...

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