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Don't Touch My Beard

Don't Touch My Beard

By:  George Myrie


Don’t Touch My Beard

Often, individuals think beards are unsanitary and filled germs/ bacteria amongst other things like food. This can be true in instances where the bearded gent doesn’t properly groom himself or his beard for that matter. Grooming is very essential to the upkeep of a great beard. It takes time and isn’t a quick process at times. The some of the same steps women go throw to do their hair, we bearded men go through as well. Washing, conditioning, moisturizing, and combing/brushing it. We may even use multiple products at different stages of the process.

Which tends to lead us (bearded men) to say “Don’t touch my beard!” Which has been said by virtually every man with a beard at one point or another. I’m not sure why some women (not all, don’t beat me up) think it is ok to just grab a man’s beard. It's definitely not. This is especially true, if said women really doesn’t have any sort of a relationship between herself and the beard. Whether it be platonic or intimate, women that we don’t really know the bearded man, tend to try to reach out to touch it for some strange reason. Meanwhile, the women we (bearded men) actually do know, aren’t even going to try and touch it without permission. It’s odd if you ask me.

I said that to put a few things into perspective for you. Grooming a beard takes time and effort therefore it’s like touching a woman’s hair after she gets it done. Would a woman be ok with a random person fondling her hair? Probably not… Therefore, think before extending your arm out to grab a beard. Ask yourself “did I wash my hands?” Why might you ask? The same bacteria that’s on your finger tips from touching a subway pole, door knob/handle and/or ATM buttons will be transferred directly into our beards. Do you think that’s ok? Last and most importantly, just don’t do it that is unless you’re behind closed doors. Then anything goes! This has been a public service announcement to the beard snatchers of the world. Then end.

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