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What's in a Beard?

What's in a Beard?

BY:  George Myrie

I’m not sure when it became this popular to have a beard but I’m all for it. Why? BECAUSE THE LADIES LOVE IT! LOL! I can remember talking to my Mom and she said women always loved men with beards because it made, “men look manlier and more masculine.” At the beginning of the year I decided to cut my beard and my Mom almost tossed me out the window. She thought it made me look, “more distinguished.” After she got over the PTBC (“Post Traumatic Beard Cutting”), we started sifting through old photos, and I came across one of my Dad. I laughed because he was wearing, the widest bell bottoms I had ever seen, a shiny looking polyester shirt (that I’m sure he still has) with only two buttons that were actually buttoned and was totally rocking a full beard. My mom told me that was around the time they met. A looked at her and said, “well dressed bearded man has always been in style huh?” Ha Ha Ha!

Sure the ladies (not all) love beards, but it’s more to having a beard than folks may think. Ok, sure, you can grow a beard but if you don’t put time in the upkeep of said beard, then I’m sure most won’t find it attractive. If you think about it in the simplest term, a beard is just hair and it should be treated as such. That means, you should thoroughly wash it, condition it, moisturize it and comb/brush it. Individuals tend to take these steps for granted and end up with a shabby looking beard. I’m sure you’ve seen countless mean with dried hairs that have split ends which aren’t very appealing to the eyes. I’m almost certain that those guys do little to no maintenance on their beard, which is essential to having a great mane.

Often, I like to use the comparison between a Lion’s mane to a Man’s beard. Of course some are fuller, more pronounced and shaped differently than others, which is what makes them all different. But, my question to you is, would the Lion really be the KING of the jungle without his mane????? Or, would he just be another big cat? With that said, take care of your mane gents and you too can conquer the world.

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