Edges 101: How to Do Your Edges for Natural Hair

Edges 101: How to Do Your Edges for Natural Hair

Natural hair can require some special consideration for care and treatment, but it's also versatile. There's a lot you can do to support the health of your hair while allowing you to try out new looks. Styling your edges is quick and easy. Of course, since you're also styling "baby hair" from breakage, you should also consider the health of your hair as you design a look that frames your face and accentuates your beautiful hairstyles. 

At Luster Products, we love what edges can do for your hair, but we also offer a range of products that will support the health of your natural hair while giving you that dramatic new look. We've got a range of specialty products that support your edges while ensuring that your natural hair still receives the essential nutrients you need to look and feel your best this season! 

Here are a few tips to help you keep your natural hair strong and resilient while you lay your edges:

Use a Comb to Separate Your Edges

The first step is to separate your hair edges with a fine-tooth comb. You can comb these shorter hairs forward toward your forehead. Your edges shouldn't be too thick, so only separate that thin layer of hair. 

Swoop and Style Your Edges

Apply gel to your edges. Luster's offers these proven products to support the healthy sheen of your natural hair as you lay your edges.

  • Pink Shinin’ Jam supports a clean sheen for your natural hair without the weighted feel of other formulations.
  • Pink Lush Growth Oil to strengthen and grow edges apply daily 

If you try to slick a layer that’s too thick, your hair won’t lay flat. Use a brush to get creative with the swirls and swoop of your edges. 

Add Definition with the Pointed Tip

Use the pointed tip of your pin-tail or rat-tail comb to add detail and definition to the curves of your edges. Your goal is not to mess up your shape, but you can still add a few finishing touches before your gel is dry. 

Wrap Your Edges

Use a silk scarf to gently wrap around your head to ensure that you've got your edges as flattened as possible. Your scarf will keep your hair in place as you wait for your gel to dry. Even in humid conditions, you can also use our Pink Spritz for a lasting hold. 

At Luster Products, we're here to support your hair care needs with the best revitalization and renewal "magic" we can formulate for your edges. We use our gels, hair sprays, and other styling products on our hair. We've proven the power of their efficacy as they strengthen and rejuvenate your hair for those striking edge designs. Try these tips at home with your hair. We know you'll see the difference, and we look forward to celebrating your beautiful new edges!

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