How to Texturize Your Natural Men’s Hair

How to texturize men's natural hair

Considering the natural hair trends today, men’s grooming can be complicated. In addition to styling men must now focus on the care of their natural hair. You may be experiencing breakage,slow growth and dryness in addition to the challenge of understanding your texturized hair.The good news is that Luster Products has the solution to achieve the texturized natural hair you’ve been searching for.

LusterProducts offers SCurl® texturizers and daily hair care solutions to deliver the ‌best products for men's hair. These products not only clean, condition, and strengthen your hair; they also support styling needs of your texturized hair both now and in the future.   

Here's everything you should know about texturized hair, including tips on how to care for and treat it as part of your daily hair care regimen. Our goal is to help you understand which Luster Products will best serve the individual needs of your texturized hair.   


What is Texturized Hair?   

Texturizers were developed in the 1970s and 1980s for African-American men. They were used to soften tightly textured hair by loosening and stretching the natural curl of your hair, making it easier to manipulate and style.  

While it is milder than straightener formulations, it is still a chemical treatment and it can cause damage to your hair, mainly when your natural hair is already damaged. Before you begin it is essential to understand what the texturizer does and doesn’t do to your hair, how often you'll need to get a texturizer (usually once every three or four months), and how to care for your hair, particularly the first time you use a texturizer.  


Why Should You Texturize? Benefits of Texturizers 

A Texturizer is one of the best hair care solutions to enhance natural men's hair. It's a way to loosen and stretch tight curls of your hair. Texturized hair also adds definition and length to your hair while making your strands lighter and more manageable to achieve today’s style trends. Here are the benefits of using a texturizer for men.  


Your Hair is More Manageable.  

When you texturize your hair, you may make the curls more defined,even with coarse or thick hair. That means you can have a natural curly/wavy style no matter your texture.


Texturizers Are Not As Potent.   

The chemicals used to Texturize hair are not as strong as the ones used as relaxers because the purpose is different. With relaxers, your goal is to straighten your natural hair, whereas the texturizers are used to loosen and stretch your curls, making them more manageable and functional.   


How Your Hair Grows Back. 

Your hair will gradually grow at its normal rate resulting in your new growth growing back in the natural state prior to the texturizer. So, you can think of it in much the same way as you would with shaving your beard.


Your Hair May Appear Longer.  

Texturizers not only define your curls while loosening curls—a major benefit of using texturizer is that it makes your hair stretch. The result is that, your hair may appear longer allowing you to achieve creative styling such as twist and braided styles. 


Texturizers Help Prevent Breakage.  

While other chemicals and treatments can slow down your hair growth, texturizers help avoid that shortcoming. Your natural hair continues to grow, with less tangles and breakage while combing.


Texturizers' benefits help you achieve the natural wave, stretch or curl pattern, with greater styling and manageability options that meet your needs. The benefits are clear, but you also need to determine which SCurl® texturizer product will best meet your needs.   


Top SCurl® Texturizer Products for Men’s Natural Hair   

Texturizer products work to change the configuration of your hair, but you do have a few SCurl® products to choose from. They are perfectly formulated to improve the style of your hair while nurturing your hair, skin and scalp. Here are the best SCurl® Texturizer products for men’s natural hair.   


SCurl® Regular Strength Texturizer  

This SCurl® Regular Strength Texturizer is an essential grooming aid, with enhancements that give you a desired natural wave/curl or coil pattern. Enriched with olive and argan oils, this texturizer makes your hair more versatile and manageable.   


SCurl® Extra Strength Texturizer  

This SCurl® Extra Strength Texturizer is designed to be even more powerful than the regular product. It’s the leading texturizer for African American men, with extra strength power to achieve the styling versatility you’re looking for.   


SCurl® Comb Thru Texturizer Kit (Regular Strength)  

This SCurl® Comb Thru Texturizer Kit (Regular Strength) is an essential grooming aid for young men who know how to stay on trend Formulated with olive and argan oils, this kit allows you to control better your hair's natural pattern, which will enable you to style your hair in minutes.   


SCurl® Comb Thru Kit (Extra Strength)  

This SCurl® Comb Thru Kit (Extra Strength) is the extra-strength version to control your hair’s natural pattern, with olive and argan oils to give it the shine and moisture you need the most. Even before you finish the texturizer process, you’re already working to replenish any vital nutrients your natural hair requires after a texturizer service.   


SCurl® 360 Stylin' Blow Out Kit  

This SCurl® 360 Stylin' Blow Out Kit is the essential grooming aid for that style driven millennial because it is an effective texturizer for longer natural hair. With this product, you'll be able to make your hair roots softer and more manageable, while not disturbing your longer curl’s coils and texture. This product is great for manageability while growing your hair out.  


How to Texturize  

The process for how to texturize natural men's hair is faster and easier than the time spent in the barbershop with your SCurl® texturizer kit, you have everything you need to complete the process.  


  1. Determine which SCurl® texturizer product to use. Once you’ve determined which SCurl® texturizer product to use, you’ll follow the directions and experience softer, more manageable hair. 
  1. Combine your hair and test a small area to check how your natural hair will react to the texturizer solution.  
  1. Separate your hair into four sections for longer hair.  
  1. Apply the SCurl® oil moisturizer (or vaseline) to the edges of your hair, so you don’t lose your edges to protect your hairline. 
  1. Wearing gloves, apply the SCurl® texturizer cream to your hair.  
  1. For longer hair, apply the cream in sections to ensure control and that it's evenly spread throughout your hair. 
  1. First, be sure to apply the cream to areas that may be resistant and may  need longer for processing. For example, you can apply the cream to a part of your hair with particularly tighter curls. 
  1. Comb your hair to make sure that every strand is covered with product from roots to ends.
  1. For short hair, comb your hair in the direction you want to style the hair when the process is complete 
  1. Use the time chart included with the SCurl® texturizer product to determine the appropriate time to leave in the cream, based on your hair texture.  
  1. Fine: 10-15 min. 
  1. Normal: 16-25 min. 
  1. Coarse: 26-35 min.  
  1. Please note: Do not apply the SCurl® texturizer product to hair that is permanently colored or bleached.  
  2. Wash out the SCurl® texturizer cream with Color Alarm Neutralizing Shampoo that comes in the kit. Shampoo until your suds rinse white letting you know that all of the texturizer has been shampooed out of your hair.

Like any styling product or solution, you should keep in mind how you will nourish and replenish your hair to keep it healthy. You can also use the moisturizer that comes with the kit to hydrate your hair. Consider which SCurl® natural hair care products will best meet your needs for your Naturalizer.  


Which Natural Hair Care Products Should You Use?   

For many, texturizing is only the first step to grooming. You also must consider how to replenish and rejuvenate your hair, particularly after the chemical service of texturizers. You need a solution that's proven to work for your natural hair and something that works well to support the needs of your newly texturized hair.   


To get started, we recommend using one of our SCurl® Grooming Essentials.  


SCurl® No Drip Curl Activator Moisturizer 

Our exclusive no drip formula makes the SCurl® No Drip Curl Activator Moisturizer the perfect natural hair care product for your texturized hair. It's paraben and mineral-oil-free in an anti-frizz formula that leaves your hair healthy and soft with a natural sheen.  


SCurl® 360 Style Wave Control Pomade 

Our SCurl® 360 Style Wave Control Pomade delivers superior hold as it enhances the natural wave of your short-hair styles. With its unique non-greasy, water-soluble formula, you'll love the softness, manageability, and shine while it keeps your waves on swirl. 


SCurl® Wave Control Pomade  

Our SCurl® Wave Control Pomade is one of our essential grooming aids because it brings out your natural stubborn waves while delivering the health and shine you're looking for. This pomade is formulated with PVP Wave Polymer to ensure the control you need without the build-up.  


SCurl® Curl & Wave Jel Activator 

Our SCurl® Curl & Wave Jel Activator is formulated to add volume, texture, and shine to your natural hair without weighing your hair down. Enriched with Olive & Argan Oils with vitamins, this lightweight curl gel is the perfect solution for natural looking curls.  


SCurl® Curl & Wave Jel Activator Lite 

Our SCurl® Curl & Wave Jel Activator Lite delivers an anti-frizz formula that works great for your waves and curls. This activator includes enrichment from Olive & Argan Oils to provide the daily hair care conditioning you need for your natural hair.  

SCurl® Texturizer Sylin’ Gel  

Our SCurl® Texturizer Sylin’ Gel is the vitamin-rich formula perfect for your natural and texturized styles. This texturizer gel holds your waves and curls in place while it conditions to deliver the sheen you're looking for without the build-up.  

SCurl® Texturizer Sylin’ Spray 

Our SCurl® Texturizer Sylin’ Spray is formulated with Vitamin B5, as well as Glycerin and vital conditioners to replenish moisture and revive style giving you the long-lasting shine and moisture you need for your texturized styles or any curly styles.  

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