How to Transition Your Hair Routine For Spring

Spring Natural Hair.

Spring is already coming on fast, so it’s time to start thinking about what that means for your natural hair. In a recent InStyle survey, 71% of women cited frizzy hair as their biggest concern. Moms say that split ends and breakage are a big problem, and with those of us with natural hair, lack of moisture is the leading hair issue. You've already been taking advantage of our tips about protective hairstyles and hair care products for the cold. 

Now, we'd love to offer some suggestions on how you can transition your hair routine for spring. Instead of the cold, dry weather, you'll get to go out and enjoy the sun. When the sun, wind, and rain suck the moisture and natural oils out of your hair, our products infuse your hair with targeted nutrients and hydration to restore the health of your natural hair. Our products stop the breakage and penetrate right to your scalp to moisturize and rejuvenate your hair for spring. 

Daily Hair Regimen – Natural Hair Care 

Your daily hair care regimen will continue to evolve as you transition into Springtime. Focus on shampoo, detangling, conditioner, and styling solutions. Luster’s Pink offers a range of natural hair products that provide just the right combination of ingredients to support your hair care needs this spring.

You'll probably find that hairstyles won't last as long due to the humidity, and you may need to watch for build-up on your scalp due to the warmer weather. So, you may want to try some gel to help with styling, and you may need to adjust how frequently you wash your hair.  

  • Pink Conditioning Shampoo: Cleans your hair without stripping away all your natural oils, so you get the revitalization and restoration you need to balance your natural oils and moisture balances of your natural hair. 
  • Pink Revitalex Conditioner: Contains nourishing natural oils and vitamin E to replenish moisture, condition, soften, and improve the manageability of your natural hair.  
  • Pink Lush Growth Oil: Support the growth of your lush, think hair while preventing the build-up of skin cells that clog your hair follicles, relieve the itch, and promote your healthy scalp.
  • Pink Super Hydrate and Shine Masque: Delivers excellent conditioning for the best moisturization, shine boost, softness, and detangling in natural hair care. 
  • Pink Repair and Strengthen Masque: Nourishes and rejuvenates your dry and brittle hair with our proven protein repair formulation for your natural hair.
  • Pink Growth & Scalp Relief Moisturizing Lotion: Promotes healthy hair growth that hydrates and nourishes your natural hair to support growth scalp relief with its moisturizing lotion. 
  • Pink Hold and Shine Perfecting Gel: Provides a reliable hold for natural textured styling, leaving your natural hair lighter and softer as it fights the frizz. 
  • Pink Glosser: Supports exceptional shine, with a finishing mist that revitalizes your dull hair and leaves it silky smooth, with no build-up.

You’ll find that you probably won’t need to do as much to protect your natural hair as you transition into Spring and Summer, but you should still be prepared to support your hair care needs through the warmer temperatures. 

How Do Pink Hair Products Help Springtime Transitions? 

While there are a few ways to maintain healthy hair, Luster’s Pink also offers several products to help your natural hair growth for spring. For example, our Pink Lush Growth Oil keeps your scalp healthy and free of follicle-clogging dry skin cells. Lush Growth Oil maintains natural hair length by protecting hair damage, breakage, and split ends to revitalize your hair with its rich blend of extracts, oils, and vitamins.

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