Luster Hair Products For Men

Hair Products for Men.

Complete Grooming Solutions From Scalp To Beard.

Luster products are designed to take the difficulty out of styling and maintaining hair. With over five decades of experience, Luster has formulated dozens of hair products for the specialized needs of men, women, and children. Naturally, men have unique needs and need a hair care company that can help them achieve healthy hair. Luckily there are SCurl products by Luster, which were created just for men. More specifically for men with natural hair. Luster products are enriched with vitamins and natural ingredients to give your hair a great healthy look.

Natural Hair Or Type 4 Needs

Each of the four hair types has different needs to maintain its health. Type 4 or natural hair has special needs as well. On top of that, men have unique needs as well. Accordingly, Luster SCurl is designed for the specific needs of men with natural or type 4 hair. Luster SCurl products take the stress and guess out of what to use for great hair and a flawless beard from a healthy scalp to a beautiful beard. They also are easy to use by following simple instructions that can potentially yield impressive results.

SCurl products are broken into specific product  categories and products. This makes it easy to quickly find solutions to cater to hair and your grooming needs we face as men. One major group of products are part of the Free Flow line. The Free Flow line is a complete line of male grooming products that take the guesswork out of creating, maintaining for and styling clean, healthy hair. Another cutting edge SCurl line that takes the challenge out of facial grooming is SCurl Shave and Beard. SCurl Shave and Beard offer products for every step of nurturing and  grooming your beard. 

Beyond SCurl Free Flow And SCurl Shave And Beard, other valuable products are in the SCurl lineup. SCurl also offers texturizers that help soften and style hair, which can be vital for attaining the latest hairstyle trends. Additionally, SCurl also provides a line of grooming essentials for specific styling needs.

Core Haircare

As mentioned, Luster SCurl products are all designed to meet the growing demands of male grooming. Like any other physical body part, taking care of your hair and scalp requires a concerted routine that manifests great results as great hair days due to grooming habits. These habits form a regimen. Luster SCurl Free Flow and Luster SCurl Shave And Beard are products built to support you with your regimented and consistent grooming habits. Whatever direction you take with your style, you have to take care of the process. 

Free Flow 

The core of hair care is the hair follicles and scalp. Starting with the scalp, Free Flow Charcoal Mint Shampoo is perfect for cleansing your scalp of impurities and buildup. Poor scalp health can derail any style goals. Beyond cleansing, Free Flow Shampoo helps nourish the hair, another key area of basic hair care. The great thing about this step is it can fit into your grooming or workout routine during the week. In addition to cleansing, another focus of core hair care is moisture.

Free Flow Leave-In Conditioner is designed as a simple way to hydrate your hair. It is meant to be used daily, and it is one of many products created to give natural hair its essential moisture element. Moisture is a recurring focus of many Luster SCurl products as it is your primary weapon against bad hair situations. 

Shave And Beard

Beyond just actual products for hair and scalp, Luster SCurl Shave And Beard helps maintain your beard, hair and the skin beneath it. Whether a beard is a prize of accomplishment to your new style or just trying to maintain a smooth shaved look for your skin, an essential set of Luster SCurl Shave And Beard products is there to make the process easier. For protection while shaving, SCurl Smooth Glide Shave Gel protects skin to help you achieve a clean smooth pain-free shave. SCurl Moisturizing Post Shave helps soothe and moisturize  irritated skin after shaving. For those trying to maintain 

a strong beard game beard, products like SCurl Beard Oil are there to help smooth, soften and show off your beard.

Beyond Basics: Styling Your Hair

Beyond Free Flow And Shave And Beard products, multiple styling products are available for many different trends you may choose to achieve. Regardless of the goal, there is an SCurl product to help you achieve it. The only limit is your preference.

Short Hair And Waves

If short hair or waves are your preferred style, SCurl 360 Pomade can prove key. This product was created for styling close-cut 360 waves that swirl. Easy to apply, it supplies a strong, consistent hold throughout the day. Being water soluble, it can be rinsed easily out of your hair. An additional benefit of the product is it is enriched with Shea Butter which helps add softness and sheen to your hair.

Curly Hair and Softer Textures

If you prefer curls or a longer style, there are several products to assist you. To keep those curls tight, fresh, and  lively, you have many things you want to focus on. First, you need to achieve and define the curls. Second, you need to make sure those curls have moisture. SCurl Curl And Wave Jel Activator can help you activate those curl patterns. Enriched with essential oils like olive and argan, it does several things to help form and maintain curl styles like:

  • Add Shine
  • Refresh your natural curls 
  • Hydrate your curls 
  • Help soften dry, brittle hair
  • Battle Frizz
  • Prevent shrinkage

Luster SCurl offers a lite version of this product, giving the same benefits as the original formula with a less holding factor. These non-greasy formulas are also free of parabens. Being free of unnecessary additives is part of Luster's commitment to safe, healthy men's hair and grooming products.

Another helpful product to refresh your curls is the SCurl No Drip Activator Moisturizer. This tried and true formula is packaged in a convenient, easy spray, this is an excellent way to add new life to your natural curls. In fact, the glycerin-rich formula moisturizes your hair and gives it a hydrated, healthy appearance. Accordingly, this exclusive no-drip formula is also perfect for hair that has had texturizer application.

Texture, Texturizers, and Moisture

Many textures, like waves and curls, require a texturizer to help you get that desired look. Luster SCurl has texturizing products to help you with this specific goal in mind. SCurl Texturizer 2 Application Kit is our regular strength texturizing product. Depending on your natural hair curl patterns, this product can help you amplify your natural curls or waves. This product is also great for longer textured styles. SCurl Comb Thru Texturizer is an excellent choice for low cut or fade styles to help keep your natural wave pattern or curls on point. Both products work in minutes. Naturally, with any style choice, moisture is always an issue with type 4 or natural hair. That is why Luster offers hair moisturizing products for texturized hair or softer styles. Luster has products suited just for your goals and style needs. 

Free Flow Instant moisturizer is perfect for keeping texturized or styles hydrated and healthy. Lightweight and available in a convenient pump, it is a simple way to infuse moisture into your daily routine. Enriched with organic oils and vitamins, it nourishes, conditions, and keeps your hair soft and pliable. This can help replenish moisture and refresh your style between shampoos, and prevent breakage caused by dry hair. The moisturizer is an excellent supplement to daily moisturizing with Free Flow Leave-In Conditioner. 

Twists, Locs, and Braids

For longer hairstyles, Free Flow Wave, Twist & Lock Gel is the go-to product. Fortified with certified organic oils, this non-flaking formula offers a host of benefits. Naturally, it provides a reliable hold while defining curls, coils and locs.  A hold perfect for styles involving:

  • Twists
  • Coils
  • Locs
  • Braids

Likewise, Free Flow Wave, Twist, & Lock Gel gives you control and crisp partings without buildup on the scalp and hair strands. This is an essential consideration for any style. The product also moisturizes, controls frizz, and contributes to a healthy shine.

Styling And Maintaining

While everyone's hair goals and needs are slightly different, here are some basic guidelines when styling and maintaining your hair. Add a cleansing regimen to your hair goal, make sure to cleanse your scalp and hair when you do wash your hair. Be aware of the need for daily moisture, as well as additional hydration when needed.

Applying The Products

As far as how to apply the products, it is pretty simple. If you want to see what is involved in using a product, our online catalog is a valuable tool. On our online catalog, all our products have a simple tab on how to use them. Just click the tab for easy practical instructions. You will find that Luster SCurl products are not just essential to your hair journey but are also easy to use.

Easy To Find

You will not need to enlist your loved ones to hunt to find Luster SCurl products. You can always find any of our lines or products right here on our site: Likewise, you can place the order, and we will ship it to your home expediently. You can order online through major retailers like Amazon and Walmart as well. Additionally, stores like Walmart, as well as local beauty supply stores, carry our products.

More Than Just Hair And Grooming Products

Of course, Luster SCurl products for men are more than just lotions, sprays, and gels. They are synergistic solutions specialized to meet the needs of everyday men with natural hair. Solutions backed by our proven over five decades of research and development. Every product was created to fill a need in Men's grooming, hair care and lifestyle. Even today, we are constantly listening to our customers, innovating, and creating products with remarkable results to meet those needs.

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